Monday, September 19, 2011

The plans never pan out

The one in the middle is last night's. I realize now that this is what I did in Belfast last year: one little woven piece each day, to keep myself somewhat sane. It didn't assuage the disappointment in my inability to make bigger, more profound, more meaningful work, but at least I didn't leave empty handed. I don't know why I'm making these, but I'm still learning, so I'll keep doing it until I run out of cords or time or patience. I had a great talk the other night with Katherine about how impossible it is to see the trajectory of our lives and careers until we've actually lived and worked them for a while. I have a hard time appreciating the good and positive when the downers seem so convincing, but soon I won't have time to brood. I just have a couple days here before I'm off to another Ohio adventure.

Today's downer: the blender pen makes horrible transfers onto the paper I made and bound into books. Today's upper: I editioned it anyway, by hand. Every single one by hand in pencil. Oh, crap! Writing this, I realize this is ALSO what I did last year in Belfast: create a handmade paper edition of ten books with all hand-lettered text (and I'd hardly call it lettered, more scrawled). But hey, it's done. And what's the edition called? Resilience.

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  1. seems to me you have established good patterns for rocky times. oh, and the little boxes!


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