Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The duplicate

I made another little lidded thingy and chained the off-cuts and it was not as satisfying as the first (for various technical reasons but also mostly b/c the first is always so exciting) but there was plenty more that I learned from doing it. That was my thing to do with my hands today. Qigong was my extra thing to do for my morning today. Writing a new chapter of the book was my finally what I am supposed to be doing, today. And somehow I stayed on top of the admin without exploding into frustration.

My sister also asked me a question last night that was so strange to me, but then I turned it over in my head and wondered, why not indeed? The question: Why can't you just work hours like regular people? I always assumed NO WAY, b/c every second of the day must be consumed with work or trying to, at least, until it's time to lay down to sleep. But maybe that's why I burn out so quickly in a given week. So, it's a nice idea. Seemingly a HUGE luxury: to have the evening for not working. I doubt it will stick, but it can't hurt to try.

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  1. that's what SOME artists do-go to the studio and work, and then go home!
    i like how you've used the small pieces up and the thingie is spectacular.


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