Saturday, August 06, 2011


[Kate's books. She was a whiz at everything, so calm, such a treat to teach.] Last night's open studios went well. People loved all of the books and seemed to enjoy spending lots of time downstairs, looking and reading and touching. We were the only ones there; the five other classes all had work above us. I am amazed I was able to shower, pack, load the car at the dorm, and then pack and load the car at the studios this morning. AND THEN finish the class, say goodbye, have lunch, and drive off into the windy roads to Greenwood Music Camp so I could visit my dear friend Julie and her family. Somehow, I made it through a 3.5-hour concert, dinner, and a drive through the rain and dusk and dark all the way to the big city. Oh, Boston. I hope desperately to sleep soundly in your arms.


  1. i hope you have a tiny break between both gigs, to sleep maybe??? lucky students, to have made many fine books with you.

  2. Velma said it all; sleep well.


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