Monday, August 08, 2011

Not quite caught up yet

I am still really tired but it doesn't matter: class starts tomorrow morning! I only ever have time to shoot before it starts, which doesn't help much, but it's better than nothing (plus, it's all heat and humidity up here, so that slows me down).

This is the goodies section, and hopefully it will be safe from rain, wind (from fans), and water from papermaking. Four pounds of fiber are soaking and a bucket of formation aid is in the fridge.

Everything is so neat before students arrive. I dusted and wiped down all the surfaces with that shirt hanging off the corner.

I found this little one on the floor and clipped her onto the wall. I forgot to say that MassArt has a store now where they have a display of my little artists' books for sale. I saw them on Sunday; that was fun. I also saw Audrey and her friend; haven't seen her since our summer Korean class together in Seoul years back. Tonight was dinner with new friends from MassArt. I should be sleeping already but need to do a final prep for class. Here we go!

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