Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yet another countdown

Last night, I assembled samples to mail to Canada to a friend's friend, who was generous and helpful on email when I asked questions. We live in a time where people feel entitled to free information, which I'm not completely on board with. I try whenever possible to give back, if not in money, then in something perhaps useful or pleasing.

Yesterday I was in a flurry of late afternoon tests. Kon'nyaku (granulated), coagulated kakishibu, handmade paper all over the windowsills. Today I attempt to dry the most stubborn of the batch.

Never stop weaving!

Somewhere between here and the next activity, I read Ching-In's manifesto, which was a collaborative effort. You won't know which words are mine, but they're there.

In less than two weeks, I leave again, for New England. I can't say I've completely made peace here, but I'm much calmer than I've been since I arrived in May. Took longer than I'd like, but it always does.

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elizabeth ross said...

l love your comics, Aimee, so simple and direct and funny!