Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mail art call - Spain

[Paper samples, l to r: cochineal-dyed hanji, gampi, slippery elm + hanji scraps, gampi + slight coat of kakishibu, slippery elm on bottom. All are coated in kon'nyaku.] Elizabeth put out a call for mail art related to "outsider," as you define it. Her call is online in both Spanish and English--the documentation of whatever fits in the envelope will be uploaded and the actual mail art eventually exhibited.

Last night, I sorted cooked dak and marveled again at how lovely the fiber is. The bark is SO long and lustrous. I hope tomorrow's students enjoy it as much as I do. I'll be teaching in upstate NY at the Thousand Islands Arts Center (during a heatwave, ugh). It will be good to get out and work the teaching chops again.


  1. LOVE the comic, especially Wendy, the panel with you two at the cauldron, and of course the paper itself.


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