Monday, June 20, 2011

See Diana perform solo in NYC!

This is Diana, who taught me trapeze and so many other wonderful things years ago in NYC. I love her and wish I could support her by going to this, but I won't be in Manhattan then. If you're around in early July, then...

HOT! Festival of Queer Culture presents:
Now/Not Now or Just on the Corner of Walk/Don't Walk
created by Lauren M. Feldman & Diana Y Greiner
performed by Diana Y Greiner

Now/Not Now is an exploration into now compared to not now, intimacy with strangers and non-intimacy with loved ones and which direction to go when at the crossroad of walk and don't walk.

July 5 at 7:30pm @ Dixon Place, NYC
Also on the bill: Jen Abrams, Ephrat Asherie, and Maria Bauman


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dyg said...

wow, Aimee, I just saw this post! Thanks for the support. I plan to work on it more and perform it again sometime next year. I will keep you posted. I hope you are well. xo