Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hesitant, but the edge of a groove

Ben is finally much, much better, and yesterday I moved more furniture and reorganized to make a work surface for myself. After a good handful of workshops, I'm finally getting a sense of what samples I need to keep and what I can take out of the stash and use for my own work. So lots of oldies and goodies emerged and suddenly I wonder how I'll write and make work at the same time because there is so much of both. Last night I scrambled to weave and knit new bits to use up stray paper and keep practicing. I intend for two weeks of good work, and if today is any indicator (I actually felt excitement, not dread, by the writing bit), I'll get exactly that.

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  1. YAY. and i'm getting the feeling, too. morgan is on!


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