Saturday, May 07, 2011

The west coast

My upstairs neighbor was so kind as to drive me to the post office today to mail my 10th and 11th boxes of books and/or paper since Monday, and then to the Headlands Center for the Arts! It was a beautiful day and we were a little early, so we took the trail to the beach and saw tons of dogs cavorting together. The trail was especially amazing in parts, how you just feel completely enveloped by the green. Rebeccah knows all about plants and such so she pointed out some and their facts, and was a great sport throughout. Afterwards, I crashed, and then got myself sorted together enough to head to SF for a huge dinner with another friend. I'm frayed badly and just barely hanging in there, (all kinds of) health-wise, but am hoping for good rest tonight before I do all of my serious packing tomorrow. My final day in Oakland!

Oh, and I KEEP forgetting to say that I'm doing a hanji lecture on Sunday. Not that anyone will show up, since it happens to be Mother's Day. I'm only pulling it off b/c I'm on the opposite coast from my mom. Here's the info:

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