Sunday, May 01, 2011

We all have our battles

Some are very urgent and real and related to survival. Donate to the Steve Miller Relief Fund by going here, and clicking on "DONATE," and indicating that it's going towards that particular fund. I think most people in the book arts community who would have given have done so in the first rush (I sent mine along with a donation to one of my favorite dance companies, LAVA, on the same day), but the trick is to sustain the giving. I can't imagine having a home one day and then not having it the next.

Many of the other battles are in our heads. Today I turned over the idea that people lie to each other outright on a regular basis, but because it's couched in the idea of 'making excuses,' it somehow doesn't classify as lying. I should make a paddle that says, "No BS," to hold up in front of my face, but actually, I need to work on my own habit of lies. The worst being the ones I tell myself, like, "I'm going to write my hanji book this summer. The whole thing. I swear." I'm trying to sort out why we feel so much like we have no responsibility anymore.

But back to gratitude: I'm here for one more week. Oh, California. We've had a strange affair that goes back over ten years. I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's not the last we'll see of each other. It's been an adventure that I never could have predicted and I'm thankful for it, growing pains and all. I went to the office yesterday to start the process of sorting and packing and shipping. Tonight I get to package all the hanji that will get sent to various addresses for various workshops. Tomorrow will be the real test: walking it a mile to the post office!

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  1. i was happy to also send a bit steve's way. wishing it was ten times as much.


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