Saturday, May 07, 2011


The nice thing about the end of a stay is that suddenly you get all this stuff done. Or see parts of a city you've lived in that you never noticed before. I had a 4am scare w/the dog so the sleep deprivation is deep, but I treated myself to strawberries from the farmers market before meeting Shara for a lovely afternoon: Kala, The Compound Gallery, Actual Cafe, and A Verb for Keeping Warm (where my heart swooned when I saw their dye space out back and I fondled all of the Habu stuff along with everything else I could get my hands on). The packing and laundry are fairly well along, but I could use another nap. I'm itching for the east.

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  1. ok, so this a verb for keeping warm seems like heaven, aimee.


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