Friday, May 20, 2011

Choices that feel like none

Hiding out in the one local coffee shop, which is next door to the post office. My project for today will be writing a letter to my dyeing teacher in Korea. The stamp is all ready. I'd love to lay down and rest but the home is now being chemically bombed since the maintenance people think the smoke residue is in all the heating units. In truth, it's EVERYWHERE and not only in one place, but they'll never admit that. I've been looking at other units and they are just as bad. If not smoke, then mold or mean dogs or destitution or, everywhere, wall-to-wall carpeting. Blech. It made me grateful for people like Julie who have been working to help those who need safe housing.

I unpacked a few things to consolidate, and it made me miss working. Ben's friend was over last night and asked what I teach. He said, "It's magic!" when I showed him the simplest binding I teach. In over a week, we'll head to NYC for Memorial Day weekend, and I really do not want to come back here after that (though I kind of have to). But the sun is peeping out, so maybe the weekend will bring better solutions.

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