Sunday, April 24, 2011

A whoosh of there and back

I had a lovely quickie trip to Seattle and only wish I could have stayed longer to snoop around. My students were great, and understanding of my low-key-ness after not sleeping my first night b/c my room was right above the outdoor smoking area of a bar near the university. Yikes. But I was really glad to be able to teach a hanji workshop w/the full lecture preceding it, all built into the time. It was leisurely enough that I was even able to play with my own samples. It was so sunny the entire time, too! I was amazed by all the trees in the city. I've never flown into such a treeful city, ever.

I also got to meet up with two separate long-lost friends. I hadn't seen one for probably close to ten years, and now she has a husband and sweet, happy son. The other I hadn't seen since 2006. I hope I get to make another trip soon that lasts a little longer. Now...two weeks left in Cali! And then the summer season rears its daunting head.

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