Sunday, April 17, 2011

The view is the same but the company is better

I left my camera at home for the past few days so Ben was in charge of photos. This is an old one from a few weeks back, but we crossed the bridge yesterday for a wine country tour and I was so happy to not have to be the one to try and take pictures in motion. I had a splendid few days off, finally got to visit the Asian Art Museum, ate entirely too much but well, and am back to the humdrum but comforting routine of dishwashing and laundry. One more social engagement tonight and then I can just be home for a day to work, which will be so welcome that I've already turned the page in my calendar so I can pretend that today is that day I get to stay home.

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  1. you sound like aimee again! glad you turned the page.


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