Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Terrible sharks"

[Elizabeth sent me that perfect phrase just now. Thank goodness for friends whose first languages are not English.] Yesterday was one of those nightmare days at work that made me SO GRATEFUL to all of my teachers, parents, guardians, and anyone else who put up with me (and still do!) while I went through difficult phases and threw tantrums. I had to call on many of them last night and today but haven't given up entirely: the sun is out after a bit of rain and grey, and I bound a tiny book with a matching case from the paper I made last week to practice for tomorrow's class. This is when I realized that I need to keep an emergency needle in my kit instead of having all of my needles in my sewing kit, which is in my office now: it sucks to sew a double-needle binding without needles. I managed with none, but only because of the particular thread and paper I had. We all make do.


  1. i'm trying to make do, too. don't like it.

  2. and i love this tiny book!


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