Thursday, April 21, 2011

Even smaller than baby steps

I cooked a batch of dak this morning for my Seattle workshop this Saturday. I hope that the dog behaves while I'm away b/c he's been so bad lately. I came home to a huge ring of paint chips around my door from him scratching up the doorway, trying to get in. That was after a dreamy haircut (in that I tried to sleep the whole time) in a faraway Asian neighborhood in the city and an entirely satisfying in-between-lunch-and-dinner at my favorite Vietnamese joint. Something about the whole journey wiped me out and I almost didn't make it home from a combo of fatigue and dehydration.

I'm working through an unexpectedly heavy workload, part of it being self induced, but not all. Cooking fiber made me want to make paper, of course. Too bad that won't be happening for a while. But I got more good news from another acquaintance about his Fulbright acceptance to Korea. I love thinking that some journeys are just about to begin.

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