Monday, March 07, 2011


Yesterday I visited Artfibers and they let me knit this tiny swatch of nylon paper yarn. The papermaker in me had a very hard time with this idea. Nylon paper?? No such thing. But it was a lovely place and the people were nice and I got to show Carl some of my old and new books in the meantime. He took me to his favorite copy shop so I could run off copies of a new zine after a scrumptious Japanese lunch. I got another kick in the ass re: my hanji book and have been working on that, though I took a break today to walk around Lake Merritt. I ran errands after that so I walked over five miles today but easily ate it away b/c I couldn't stop inhaling the chicken soup and rice that I made last night. Hopefully tonight I will stop eating long enough to continue work, but after a run to the Korean market, I wonder if I will ever stop shoveling food into my mouth.


Velma Bolyard said...

well, how did it feel? did you like it, in spite of the, er, "fiber"? how nice of them to let you knit a swatch, though.

brains have to be fed, too, and you are working very hard.

aimee said...

i kept eating and eating!

it felt like cheating and i told them so right there: soft like yarn. they always let you do free swatches b/c they think it helps you make better choices when actually buying.