Monday, March 14, 2011

Surfacing again

I think I do book and paper art partly because some of it is so neat and orderly and I wish everything could be neat and orderly even though I know it never will be. I just saw Ben off at the airport this morning after a reunion weekend in SF. He was able to make a campus visit to Stanford while I taught a book making workshop on Saturday afternoon for my housemate and her friends/family in celebration of her birthday. That was a lot of fun, teaching interested adults. They applauded every demo. No joke! I felt like a magician or something. It's nice to feel that way from time to time, especially since my college students are stressed to the hilt with midterms. Plus, there was so much yummy food to eat: my housemate is an amazing host and always has a beautiful spread for events at home.

I just saw a proof of an article I wrote for the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild and it looks great. I'm also getting more organized around my hanji book, so I'm hoping to push that along during spring break. Tonight I get to see Shara, which will be great, since she's so loving and positive. That's exactly what I need for tomorrow's critique and Thursday's midterm evaluations. For now, a nap is in order.

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