Thursday, March 31, 2011

No loss of blood, reprise

I never know when I make an edition if or when I'll have to re-edition it, but I realized over spring break that I needed to do exactly that with two comic zines before I send batches out into the world. So after seeing my TA's presentation at school, having lunch with her, and taking a nap, I forced myself back out the door in 70-degree California sun, against my jet-lagged body's wishes, to find a copy shop and start all over again.

After an entire evening of cutting down by hand, sewing, taping, folding, and binding with band-aids, I'm finally done. I had another hilarious encounter when my housemate, a nurse, came home and saw a pile of bandage wrappers on the table and a knife in my hand. She thought I had hurt myself! But found it curious that there was no blood and that I was so calm. I forget that sitting around doing this doesn't make sense to most people. Even when I sent my syllabus for approval, I had been told that there is a first aid kit in every studio, so I didn't need to have bandages on my tool kit list for students. But that's not why I always keep one or two in my kit!

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