Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mistakes that locals don't make

[I can't help it. They're just too good. A spread from one of my students' books: she totally GETS letterpress and the magical qualities of having full control of your type.] It took the whole morning for me to grade books today, and then I hauled myself outside to run a couple errands, only to come home and realize that the Eva Hesse show in Berkeley was going to end soonish, so that I had better go TODAY instead of wait until I return from spring break.

I was foolish about how much fuel my body actually had, and overshot physically: a long walk to the BART, another walk, and I was very very faint in the galleries. I was disappointed. It wasn't a lot of work, and it was displayed in ways that made no sense to me. The intimacy of work made in the studio and left there after premature death was lost. But at least it's done. I was also foolish about the sun and all the sweating I expected to do with all the walking, and ran out without a jacket. I remember about 12 years ago, I had an informational interview with a guy who ran an arts non-profit in the Bay and he talked about the weather and how it pretty much hovered around 60 degrees and you always had to wear a light jacket. I had listened so well until today! But I take it to heart now and am trying to warm up with tea, in my puffy coat.


  1. i have a vision of you in the puffy coat with tea sitting on your bed, typing away!

  2. Aimee, so sorry I missed going w/ you to that show, sad, shuxtered and mustered. I am in such another world over here under the old oak trees, and my 40 hr week job w/ all my precious free time soaking up my daughters laughter, tears, and soft belly love. I wish you well and am always so thrilled and inspired by who you are and all that you do.....big ol cheers and travel safe and I'll catch you next time!


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