Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hitting the reset button

[A new/old book: I made it a couple weeks ago but it's the cousin of one I made last fall.] I think I slept 9 hours last night and never got up once. I don't think I've done that since I moved to California, so it was a blessing. I'm still jetlagged, which I find so strange b/c I wasn't back east for very long, but that's that. I've finally restocked food at home so I can feed myself, and cleaned, and am trying to reorganize my surroundings and my head so I can ride through the next two weeks before I fly back to NYC again. AGAIN! I can't believe it myself, but one of my hanji videos will be in a film festival, so it would only be polite to show my face, and I'll have to be east anyhow to see Ben (still enroute, but after today's Frankfurt shooting, I won't believe he's safe until he's here).

The good news is that I flew back, got a ride and lovely dinner with a new friend, and then had another marathon letterpressing class where my students surprised me with how quickly they're picking up techniques. I love seeing them stretch and push themselves and am excited to see their individual projects as well as tomorrow's set of finalized class projects.

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  1. you know, it's exhausting READING your schedule; please eat well and sleep right so you keep up your energy.cricr
    the book is enticing.


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