Friday, March 04, 2011

Everything begins again

I feel suddenly like I've been hit by that wave of air that comes after a huge truck whizzes by. Only I don't get to lay down in the grass and zone out for a while like I think would be good for me. This is my first long free weekend w/o travel and I am terrified b/c so much work lies ahead! So I am trying to go one step at a time. Today is laundry and petty details. Tomorrow or Sunday will be setting type and printing the key/legend to the class project I assigned to my students: they turned in beautiful work yesterday but I realized I never made them a diagram to show them how the exquisite corpse fits together. I considered designing something on the computer and printing it out but I knew there was no way I could do that in good conscience. Teaching by example means that I have to print it on a Vandercook, just like I made them, and my TA, do. But I actually am looking forward to the challenge. I haven't had to use rule in a while!

Meanwhile, I am getting all these emails for the Korean American Film Festival New York that my hanji video is screening in. I'll be there for the second screening for the Shorts 2 Program on Saturday, March 19, 8pm at Chelsea Clearview Cinema. I can't make the first screening on Friday since I'll be enroute from California but I'm doing what I can. If you aren't local, you can just kick back with popcorn and watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Now I am off to the gargantuan task of making my bed. With the weight of the deployment stress gone, it's like when you finally get a chance to rest after working like a dog and realize how tired you actually are. My mind is so scattered, and I feel I haven't said a thing I've intended to on this blog for the last how many months. Because I get onto the computer and all I can say is that it takes a lot of energy to make this bed. And if I'm really smart, I'll lay down on it and take a nap.

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