Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still standing, somehow, and happy

After one of the most ridonkulous itineraries I have ever made for myself, I have to say I had a great experience. I won't do this kind of travel again (city to city to city to city to city in four days, in cars and trains and planes and buses and subways and commuter rails and foot and minivan on a spare tire b/c it blew out right before it picked me up), but I had a super Philly experience. Winnie was one of the most energetic, helpful, and empathetic hosts I've ever had the fortune to meet, and even prepared all of her antique knives to test on hanji, since I hadn't been able to travel w/my paper slitting knife. The middle one worked best.

This is Mary with her weaving in her lap. I call her Famous Mary because she's a name I see all the time in the hand papermaking field but I hadn't ever met her, so I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. She was one of those students in the corner that you never have to bother b/c she caught onto everything so fast and was there to churn out work.

We covered A LOT of ground. Even I was kind of shocked by how much I taught. There was a little loss of blood, but it had nothing to do with my workshop (it was a prior injury), and no one needed medical attention. So, a super class! The lecture was received well, I was happy to meet Susan and some students in the UArts book arts program, and I had a wonderful evening with Mi-Kyoung and her family. I am so lucky to be able to travel, be taken care of, and do this kind of work. It makes me want to work harder at becoming a better person. Tonight, a bunch more work before I get to sleep, and then up and back on the train to the bus to the plane to San Francisco. Thank goodness I realized I needed to ask for help, so I'll get to have dinner with a friend and a ride home after all that.


  1. I *knew* it would go well, but huge congrats anyways!

    (I aso saw the first photo, and before reading, thought "Oh, I'd use the middle knife." ^^)

  2. you DID it and it was super. second melissa on congratulations.


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