Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sometimes I wish they'd just leave the package at your door

[Where Ever You Go There You Are, by Emily Martin.] Today, sheer chaos collided into complete but justified paranoia plus many opportunities to practice self restraint. Today was a BIG day. I found out that Very Important Hanji-related Stuff that I had ordered from Korea was on the verge of being sent back to Korea, because I had never gotten the initial delivery notice in the first place. The one nice, calm moment I had after the bus did NOT stop at my stop and I had to walk back to school was the only calm moment of the day: I got to meet Moya at the Mills library! She was so sweet and hospitable and it made perfect sense that Lori connected us. But then it was turbo mode all day, printing prep for the class trip to Codex, unexpected encounters, sorting out early and late students, trying to make the rounds in lightning speed, meeting back with my class to hear about the tables everyone had visited, meeting my host for Denver, and then making a mad dash, courtesy of my extremely generous and patient TA, to the local post office. Of course, the customer service gave me the wrong post office, and then I had to hoof it almost two miles fast enough to get my package from Korea before closing. Fittingly, the woman who helped me was Korean and spoke Korean to me in a nice way. By the time I got home, everyone was like, "You look so tired!" And all this, while we're having the kitchen renovated.

The good news is that I met two people today that I will see again in Denver, and so far, everything is shaping up to make it a great trip (except that it may be very cold. But I don't expect to be doing any winter sports so this will probably not be a big problem). And now I am the proud owner of Emily Martin's flexagon series, which I had coveted for years. I brought my checkbook expressly to buy them and got the last set there. I was also really happy to see Mark McMurray of Caliban Press b/c when I mentioned Ben's thoughts about making a visit to me here, Mark totally got why it would make more sense to do that rather than me go to Watertown. I love people who get the North Country and thereabouts. Plus, he showed my students the magic trick of the volvelle. Which means, of course, that I'll have to teach that soon enough!

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  1. phew! and you knew the day would be busy, just not how busy. i'm thinking wednesday in bed is an option?


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