Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rocky, indeed

Oh, my. This Denver trip has been WAY more of an adventure than I bargained for. The workshop was fine, except for the massive drama that had nothing to do with the workshop itself. Once I'm done crying at night about it (that was probably just last night) and not re-living the feeling of blood (not mine) trickling down my hands, it will be a great story.

But I am also so grateful for the wonderful people I've met so far, like Sammy Lee, an incredible host and new friend. It turns out also that I'm actually spending half my stay in Boulder! I got to finally meet Leigh Holden, a friend of a friend, and a superbly-trained papermaker (I love the ones who trained in Iowa b/c they are SO good at metric and conversions!). Patricia at KOZO was a big help in my prep and a gracious host. It has been so rejuvenating to reconnect with Carla and her family from our Fulbright days in Korea. I'll get to see Laura tomorrow from Vermont days, and also got to visit Penrose Library, which was great. I especially loved the current exhibit that includes a big projection of a hand turning pages of an Audubon book of extinct birds at the bottom of a circling stairwell. They even had a womb chair on the first floor!

I'm hoping tonight for a less fraught sleep. I'm being followed by cats everywhere I go. But, also, wonderful children who give love all around.


  1. fraught. but, oh, boulder--go to two hands paperie.

  2. i DID! soooo lovely.


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