Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inconvenient meltdowns

Today I visited downtown Boulder with two fine tour guides, one pictured here. But the Apple store failed miserably in helping me w/my battery, which I noticed yesterday looks like it's going to explode. This means that my computer doesn't work when it's in it. Which is very bad timing since I need to prep for tomorrow's lecture and give the lecture from this computer. For now, I'll just work off the AC adapter, but that makes me nervous, obviously.

After I wrote all that stressy talk, I went out for a wonderful dinner with Laura and her classmate from the CSU MFA program, and it was lovely. I loved being out with women at night w/o worrying about getting hurt on the walk back to the car. Laura is still her beautiful, lively, sweet, thoughtful self, only with another one growing inside of her. Then I came home to more good company with Carla (I will miss our nighttime talks!) and now feel way less stressy. Good night.

And come if you can tomorrow!

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