Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The dog ate my collards

My latest comic is done! I'll post more info soon about distribution. For now, I've been distracted after a long day at work (linocuts!), by the dog. Who ate my dinner. I always forget the whole pushing the chair into the table thing and he went after my collards in peanut sauce. I even heard him chomping away and thought it was my roommate!! But when I went back to the kitchen, I found no roommate and no dinner. When I called for the dog, he came running to me w/peanut bits on his face. AGH.

I realized this morning on the bus that I'm not flying the airline I thought I was, which means I have to pay for checked bags or re-pack. Yikes. So I'm off to re-pack and see if I can carry it all on so I can give my lecture in Philly on Saturday and teach this weekend. Here's the Philly info:

Saturday, February 26 at 11am
University of the Arts, Broad and Pine Streets
Room 212 of Anderson Hall (the building across the street from the old building with the columns)
Open and free to all, so bring a friend if you'd like!

Hanji: Korean papermaking and its impact on past and contemporary culture

Korean papermaking has a history almost as long as papermaking itself. Korean paper, known as hanji, is made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree, renowned for its long and strong fibers. This makes hanji ideal for an array of applications, from uses in the home and studio to experiments in robotics, cuisine, and audio technology. Aimee Lee, the leading American scholar of Korean papermaking, will chart the history of hanji, its illustrious rise in Korea and its demise via forces of modernization, colonization, and neglect. She will also show images and videos of her research as a Fulbright scholar that depict the current state of Korean papermaking and related craft forms, accompanied by actual samples of hanji and artwork made of this lustrous and durable paper.


  1. YAY on the new comic! looks great! and double hurrah on your trip. after just traveling i am so thinking of you and this amount of hauling around stuff. my back/neck is still sore! take care of yourself.

  2. i had all the intention to work through the night last night but my body rebelled completely. so i went to bed and dreamed about being picked up in black town cars, being driven to minneapolis, writing poetry in a room with only clotheslines, aprons, and other scraps of fabric. it's crazy, this life! i wonder if i can see you at all when i hit the north country in a month.

  3. oh i will take a day off!!! what dreams you have! really really good one!
    this is the word: symonstl!!!!!


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