Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Another month, nearly another year

Time! It's playing that trick on me again. I was so discombobulated for much of January that it disappeared and here I am, drawing flow charts and trying to keep Chester from making trouble. I had a lovely day out in San Francisco on Monday with my Chicago dentist's old childhood friend and saw a show at the Center for the Book. The day before that I was lucky enough to be an audience member for a songwriting group, which was a nice break after a half day at work. Today I get to see family from Korea! Aside from school, I have no idea how the time is passing these days, but it looks something like the house now, in chaos and transition as the kitchen gets renovated.

I think I pack my classes too full, but there is SO MUCH I want to share. Inevitably, things I meant to say on day one are still living in my head. Tomorrow I get another chance to get them out of my mouth and hands.


  1. what is that wonderful paper/textile?! you sound like you're settling in and some nifty things are happening for you!

  2. paste papers! the base paper is strathmore charcoal paper.

  3. and this was an accordion w/board covers that we all covered in paste papers that we made last week. except i didn't make this pattern: it was leftover from a previous semester but i kept the big sheets b/c they were too nice to throw away. and i taught them how to make the wells for labels but didn't make a label until i was home making tea and saw the teabag fortune.


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