Friday, January 28, 2011


I have two: this is one. The shelter said his name was Finesse, but my other housemate, his foster mom, said he responds best to Chester. I am grateful for his presence at home and also to my lack of allergic reaction to him. I like that he reminds me of what's really important: food, sleeping, and daily walks. I'm failing all three subjects, so I still have a lot to learn. Yesterday was the third day of class, and my students were like ultra sponges. I thought I had more than enough for one session, but will be ready next week with all sorts of extra surprise demos if I need them. At one point, I saw a pile of one student's tools and veggies (for prints), and thought, "This would make a great photo," and then remembered that I am rarely w/my camera these days. But they did a great job and were much more impressed by acrylic gel medium transfers than I predicted.

Today I had a lovely lunch w/P in downtown Oakland and caught the tail end of the farmers market, just in time to snag a tray of eggs, some apples, and sausages. Then I rode the free shuttle and walked the rest of the way home. It was foggy when I left but sunny when I returned, and what can I say but hooray for the weekend!

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  1. a real lesson, my dear, and how far we are to accomplish those simple activities of life!


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