Sunday, January 16, 2011

From zombie to human

After a couple days of being a complete zombie, I'm finally back in my own skin. I woke up today feeling myself for the first time since landing, and am slowly making this home. The huge comfy slippers help. Yesterday, I found the farmers market! Of course, this was after I had already shopped at Whole Paycheck. But it totally made my morning. Imagine, someone who only sells butter! Or walnuts (he sold one other thing, too, but I don't remember b/c I was so entranced by the nuts). I forget that California can have ridiculously abundant markets like this year round, since they can grow and hang out outdoors year round.

I ran errands, walked different main drags, was duly mortified by the highway and huge roads, and stopped at a couple yard and stoop sales to come home w/the perfect lamp that even a stranger passing me by complimented. I haven't walked the lake or park yet but am somewhat oriented. Obviously, giant swaths of land are still mysteries to me. But now that I have an ID#, email address, clothes hanging in the closet rather than rolled up in suitcases, and food (+ knowledge of where to get more), more is settled than not. The hot shower was a big help to this slow transition. And the sun.

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  1. oh, and l will feel somewhat the same soon...l hope!
    enjoy new life Aimee!!


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