Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Changing the bulb

[I did not love it at all, but now I know where NOT to get frozen yogurt.] It took me this long to figure out that my room is dark b/c one of the two bulbs overhead was burned out. I've changed it, so now I can see! I got to school early today to take care of official-y things and now am the proud owner of another photo ID where it looks like a wild animal is nesting in my hair. I am still not used to the dampness and humidity here, but am hoping it will be good for my skin even if it freaks my hair out.

I even got a pre-meeting hug! I still feel out of it b/c I'm not in any kind of routine and not sleeping well, but I think everything will be fine. Two boxes arrived today, one badly mauled but w/the contents miraculously intact (and not horribly damaged). Everyone is nice and helpful and the sun was out again today, so there isn't much to complain about. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in foggy Daly City with good old friends and tons of Burmese food; that was serious solace. The moon is bright and almost full and I came home to a warm, bright home that smelled of good food cooking. Ben called from Afghanistan. I know more today than I did yesterday. I am grateful for all these things and hope tomorrow I will be wide-eyed enough to print!

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  1. don't you hate it when you miss something so obvious, like a burnt out bulb? and then fix the thing and life is so much better! you sound great, and you're going to print, which sounds really great.


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