Friday, January 21, 2011

A certain kind of torture

I think sleep deprivation is the pits. I can't sleep, and it's making me alternately crazy (from exhaustion) and useless (from exhaustion). Somehow, I've still managed to stay upright today. Yesterday's class went well. I think. Before class, Julie asked if I was nervous, and I realized that I have spent so many months being nervous that I was too tired of that to be jittery way. If anything, it was the same feeling as a performance that had a lot of lead time. I am excited about what is to come, which is probably why I couldn't sleep (from my brain going in overdrive about all the things I want to share with my class). But I'm going to be even MORE excited when I finally get a routine that involves regular exercise and sleep, and the steep learning curve evens out.

After a second grocery run today, I saw a flier for this, which also excited me.


  1. Lets go to this together!!! looking forward to seeing ya!

  2. l'm so excited, l just can¡t hide it!!
    l know l know..... very well that kind of feeling and insomnia!
    you'll settle down soon and will sleep soundly


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