Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nose, meet grindstone

I am ever so grateful to Velma for her encouragement to try structures from this book and for the paper to make my models. Though it has taught me that I would take a real live teacher any day over a book. I love books, and love learning things from books, but these kinds of things I need from a person, directly. Maybe this is why I was only able to get so far with knitting, b/c there was only so much I could stand learning from the back of a library book.

However, I have been overflowing with gratitude for the library next door. I used to think that I could never be a teacher, b/c I always assumed that 1. teachers had to be life-long learners, which meant reading books even after they finished school and they weren't assigned anymore, and 2. I would not be this kind of person. But I was wrong (about #2)! I know my life is not long enough to learn all the things I want to learn (and the things I don't even know that I want to learn, and the things I don't want to learn), but I still walk out with a bursting heart when I have a fresh stack of book in my hands. These days I have been reading, writing, reading, reading, and stressing (that last one is a given). I wish for more time, but as a good alternative, was so pleased to watch a good movie tonight after a family holiday celebration. "The Lives of Others," damn! Gives me enough inspiration to tackle a few more structures before my eyes give out for the night.

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  1. so when do I get to see those models??? the cut out on the interlocked structure looks great!


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