Thursday, December 02, 2010

Grey, rain, wind, SUN!

The Incident at Blood Canyon from Shawn Miller. [This has great music but the subtitles are even better!]

Yesterday was very, very stormy. I went out into it to see Barbara for lunch and then Shawn and Lystra for dinner. My umbrella was decimated on the first leg of my walk, and I could barely stuff it into the trash can overflowing with broken umbrellas. I couldn't bring myself to purchase a new one b/c I knew the rain would eventually pass, so after lunch, I walked to the bookstore and dried off there and then looked at lots of books about books. Then I tried to get 'feminine products' out of a fancy department store's vending machine, only to have it eat my money, so I had to ask a gaggle of sales people who had no sales to make and they sent me to the executive office, where the secretary assumed I needed a discount coupon. When I explained, she gave me a tampon from her bag. I don't think SHE should have been responsible (though I was grateful) if the store had broken machines. Just like I don't think that soldiers at war should have to pay for their own tools to build their tents. But that's how working for the man goes.

I loved seeing my old friends and found out that Shawn has posted his fabulous videos on Vimeo. If I ever need a DP, I'm hiring him. I also came home to a surprising letter from my favorite alma mater: Oberlin has chosen me for an alumni award! I feel super honored and am excited to visit campus next year for a short residency. Which means I better get cracking on my big experiment.

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  1. WOOHOO! i love the video, but even more i love that you got the award. YAY oberlin! YAY AIMEE!!!


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