Thursday, October 28, 2010

Return to the living

[Bald eagle nest.] I got a surprise email last night from Alex, who is in town, and once I got his confirmation this morning, I realized I had to get up and get dressed and Have A Day instead of sit at home all day with the dogs (which is not a bad thing to do once in a while. I loved witnessing the truth that all they do is sleep). I worked briefly with Alex in Chicago and printed his wedding invites and haven't seen him in years. He looks great and walked me to the beach where we saw three blondes in bikinis doing some kind of photo shoot in what was probably pretty cold water, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Since the last time I saw him, he has maintained his upbeat attitude, which I appreciate more now. He's also a great host, so I got fruit when I arrived, a fab lunch, and snacks for the road. I'm really glad I was able to make that visit today.

Then I walked to the De Young Museum, b/c I wanted to see the dye show there. I saw lots of other things I loved, like a tiny Inuit comb with figures and ships, baskets from all over, a Robert Motherwell painting, a super fun group of trompe l'oeil paintings, feathered cloaks, and so on. I was also very pleased w/my ability to navigate the city w/o getting lost. While walking to the museum, I saw all these leaves on the sidewalk that looked familiar, and I realized I had made them to send to Mexico, year ago. I mean, I hadn't made the ones at my feet today, but that's how I recognized them: I had made paper leaves to look like eucalyptus leaves, which I had never really studied in real life. But they looked exactly the same! So that was a satisfying walk. Things are looking up.

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