Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reluctant dive back into work

[That's Ben during his first splash into the Atlantic on our last day of vacation.] Upon Ben's suggestion, I made a to do list for today late last night, and have ticked off most of it. I get to see Katherine tonight and stay with her before I head to an appointment tomorrow in Boston, but I'm reluctant to enter the world already. It's only a 24-hour separation, but chunks of time seem enormous when we're past the half-way mark of his 15-day leave. In the meantime, life moves along: Ann Martin did a nice blog post on jiseung, and Velma kindly gave me the heads up about my picture in the new issue of Fiberarts Magazine on page 15 in their News section, about new craft centers. They talk about the hanji studio we built at the Morgan this summer. I also found out that the federal court has finally complied with my schedule requests and gave me a perfect date for jury duty, after my big obligations are over!

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