Thursday, October 07, 2010

Love the soldier, hate the war

So much for my bus nap; I just discovered that Chinatown buses now have wifi (this is the view). I'm on the way to Boston to meet Ben, who is flying right now. He made it back in record time, it seems. I'm looking forward to vacation, though I'm still behind on work. At the rest stop, I was in such a rush that I saw "MEN" and filled in the "WO" in my head and ran right on into the men's room. I haven't done this in years and thought those days were behind me! This is why fe/male and wo/men are such stupid words, and why it sucks to be of the gender whose identifying terms are all built onto the ones for another gender! Though sometimes I also get confused by bad logos, like when the woman's skirt is so narrow it looks like pants.

I had a busy few days in NYC trying to pull things together and things were going great until yesterday, when my sister and I had lunch out and then immediately got food poisoning. I had my first round of vomiting in the bathroom--I ran in after we walked out. She had to use a trash can, and then I pushed her over for round two. We made it a few more blocks before she had to stop at another trash can, and then we got home and crawled into bed for a nap. So most of yesterday was a wash. But I'm mostly recovered and will be fine once we get through this snarly traffic. And the sun has finally emerged!


  1. i frequent whichever room is free-often "men"! i wonder when i will behave appropriately?

  2. Sorry to hear you had a run in with food poisoning. Have a wonderful time with Ben!

    As an aside, I wonder why men's and women's restrooms seem to be built in the same ratio. I mean, it's usually 1:1. Why not 1:2? I never see lines in men's restrooms but they are somewhat commeon with women's.


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