Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whoomp! The exhaustion sets in

I got up today and went to the mailbox when it was still gorgeous and sunny. After breakfast, I got some photo equipment from Daniel's darkroom (it's amazing how photographers and papermakers could be the same people based on some of the equipment. It's BRILLIANT having a darkroom here--saves me a trip to the thrift store), and then got to it. I first thought I had way too much in the first batch to want to cook a second, but after I saw how beautiful the paper was, I stopped beefing it up w/re-pulped hanji and when I was impatient I ironed dry.

I tried to approach the work as work and not be like, 'why am I not doing OTHER work now??' and went about trimming ALL the burnt ends of the second batch of milkweed. That's 70 stalks cut into 4 or 5 pieces each, with the potential of all of them being burned on one end, and then trimming after they were stripped. I pretended it was like when we were kids and my mom had us help her snap the tails off of bean sprouts before she cooked them. It was fun then, even though the bags were big. That batch is on the burner now while I continue cleaning up my computer's road to recovery.

Oh, forgot to say: I have two pieces (this and that) in a show opening tomorrow in Manhattan. Here's the info. Enjoy the opening, since I can't!


  1. now i understand the burned milkweed! so you have sheets? YAY!

  2. ...and look at the walls!


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