Tuesday, September 07, 2010

When you TOTALLY know better but you still screw yourself

My hard drive died this morning. No real warning. I just stepped away to talk to Judy, the residency director, and when I came back to try and change the music, iTunes freaked out. Then Safari freaked out. Then I heard this AWFUL clicking sound and got scared, shut down, and let it be still for a bit. When I turned it on again, I got the dread blinking question mark on the file folder, ran to the main house computer to find out what was wrong, and had to then get myself calm enough to write down directions to the closest Apple repair place, an hour away in Vestal, and drive myself there while going through my head what I lost, since I haven't done a full backup in a while. The excuses are too many and silly, since I've already had this happen to me in the past, so I know how important it is to do good backups, but I thought I let go of it while driving, and while killing time at the various big box outlets in the strip mall areas. But once I got back and turned on the computer, which is essentially wiped clean, I knew the zen part of coping was ALL OVER. I lost a lot of stuff. Not only little things like all of my pictures since I've arrived here, but things that make other things work. I know it's good to realize what a slave I am to this machine, but this is a totally NOT FUN time to have to do it (I can now see all the men in my life wagging the finger about how I should have listened to them). I hate thinking that I could be making art but instead I am restoring bookmarks or something. Which I can't even do--all of my backups are home, so I have to get them mailed to me. We'll see if I can cope with having essentially a stranger's computer for the next whoever knows how long.


  1. jesus fucking christ, aimee. so sorry. will the computer work without a major overhaul or expense? damn and blast. (did i swear yet?)

  2. the swearing was so what i needed! the computer is working as we speak, and hopefully will be fine now that it has a brand-new hard drive. it's the work to get data back and reconstruct and un-discombobulate that will be a major time expense! but i'll survive.

  3. AIEEE!!! Damn and blast, indeed...especially on a residency.
    (Ok, I'm backing up NOW).
    Better days ahead...mercury retrograde ends on the 12th.


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