Monday, September 13, 2010

A super tired but super Monday

The other day, Caron locked herself out. We both tried to muscle our way up but were too short. Eventually Ryan saved the day. I don't have health insurance so once I got up there and realized I was not strong enough to pull myself up, I came down again.

That was the same really HORRIBLE day where I destroyed a piece from not being wise enough to take breaks and walk away from the thing. After I destroyed it, I took apart this one.

I unraveled it outside since I hadn't gotten a walk or anything that day.

And wove these while we watched "Crazy Heart."

But TODAY was super. I tried a new route for a walk after dropping mail into the box, and on the way back met Nancy, who was walking her dogs. Somehow we got onto the topic of milkweed and she said a guy down the road was wanting his GONE. So I met her later to drive over. I saw her sheep at her place and at the field where we harvested milkweed. It was smaller than what I saw here, but I was just happy to harvest. When I got back, I had lunch and then sat outside to de-leaf and de-pod. Caron joined me, somehow overcoming her massive fear of spiders.

And wow, were there spiders (among other things). It was hilarious when I saw her thinking that we were done w/the whole batch, but then I got up and got an even bigger contractor bag and dumped another bunch of milkweed on the ground. Caron was a sport, though, since she didn't have gloves and was using plastic bags on her hands until Judy arrived with new gardening gloves.

She also took all these fabulous pics. After this batch, I went out for more--I found out early today that I CAN harvest on site, so I went and picked the tallest plants I could find. Too bad a lot were close to goldenrod, which the bees are all in right now for their harvest. I saw and heard a storm coming so I rushed to get the wheelbarrow and ran it back.

I was working outside here under a big umbrella and metal lawn furniture until Denise (our chef, in the kitchen making dinner w/full view of me) called out for me to find cover instead of stand next to the umbrella, which would probably be a lightning rod. She called it just in time for me to throw things into the house and get myself and the remaining 2nd harvest to the shed, where I finished de-leaf/pod-ing which watching the rain. So even though I did nothing else today besides restore my Cleveland photos and some more computer work, I feel like I Did Good.


  1. doing the milkweed dance. did you strip it all or are you waiting?

  2. Ooooo, the milkweed! Hoping to get permission to harvest some myself soon...


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