Sunday, September 19, 2010

Studio Sunday with lemon rice

This book has been in the works since Belfast. I finally just took a pen to it last night and finished it.

This was a broadside I made six years ago that I got tired of staring at. So I cut it into bits to make a few books and mail art.

Like the pages of this wee one.

And the cover of this one. Last night's dinner went well even though it took a while to fire up the grill, so I threw the salmon in the broiler instead and it came out beautifully. Today I chugged along in the studio, delivered milkweed paper to a neighbor, did a hike on a looped trail thru the woods, and made yummy rice to accompany Caron's dinner, which we shared. I was going to watch "Stand By Me" but ended up only seeing one scene after getting my laundry--too much knitting and weaving calling me back to the studio. The best kind of day.

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  1. Velma Bolyard3:46 PM

    the bottom piece is an OH MY GOD piece!


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