Wednesday, September 01, 2010

So far, so good

Outside work and admin are still eating into chunks of my day, but I got up today at 6am, did my morning walk to the mailbox and my meadow gazing over breakfast, so at least I'm getting a kind of routine started. Which is already eye opening; it's amazing how much you learn from getting up a couple of hours earlier than usual.

Dinners are so ridiculously delicious and huge that Ryan suggested frisbee tonight. Good idea, but we turned in early b/c of humidity. There's Caron (cheering) and Ryan (in red).

Daniel of course came out to join us when we were wrapping up, but I think Caron stayed out to play a little longer. I had to shower and put together a new slideshow/voiceover, so I'll be up late, but I managed to make a couple more books, mount all of my Belfast work, and do other little things. I'm getting through the piles slowly. I am still so delighted and overjoyed to be here.


  1. i LOVE the top photo.

  2. I love the title of the post. Did you hear the one about the optimist who fell out of a ten story window? As he fell past each story he said "So far, so good!"

  3. HAHA!! that gave me a huge laugh tonight.


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