Friday, September 03, 2010

Reset, reset!

I've finally broken out the ink stone that my parents got for me as a favor/gift from Korea--much roomier (and heavier) than the one I flew with, so no spills while grinding! I also got my package from Talas of Big Splurges, so I am set for the next ten years, probably, in terms of colored linen thread.

This is from my porch, which I will likely never use. There are so many lovely parts of this place, so thoughtful. I finally reclined on my own little sofa in my living room and read all morning, strong and inspiring words by Alice Walker, and after finally finishing all my cording that I had started in Belfast, I had lunch and then...took THREE naps this afternoon. I know, is it even humanly possible?? I have no idea where that need came from, but I fed it, and in between naps I read an entire book of Far Side comics. Brooke finally arrived today, so we had our first dinner as five, and then we had a good evening of frisbee, barefoot in the grass, wind disrupting the sail of our throws, feeling the storm slowly approaching. Yum.

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