Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Recovery without data recovery

As a last-ditch effort, I went to town with Brooke today to see Glen, the guy who only charges you if he fixes your computer problems. He said there's no way to get my data back unless I spend a LOT of money on people far away in a lab w/zero dust who take apart the whole thing. So at least I know for sure. We went to Buttermilk Falls, which was more like "this is IT??" but in my confusion, I misled us straight up on a steep hike. I couldn't hear water and after a while she used her iPhone to get a map and we indeed had walk away from the falls. But that's fine; the exercise and company were great.

I'm trying to just move on and got a lot of little things done today. I have to piece together my admin for an invitational show that opens SOON w/o crucial software, so that's a good lesson in web resources. I'm sad about all the snapshots I took of work that I've already mailed away to people or things in progress, but I'll survive. I lost a major movie file, which will suck to reconstruct, as well as some other things in that category. But I've already started piles on my "admin" table and am hoping to spend as little time as possible around that table. I'm really pleased w/how many pieces I've been able to dismantle and remake into new work--that has been going very well. Pictures will come eventually; I'm hoarding them on my camera until I trust my computer more.

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  1. your smile is telling, weathering a major crisis and you're managing.


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