Monday, September 06, 2010

Planes fly overhead

I was so scared about being stuck tonight but then Velma helped unstick me and then I made this, which is ever more satisfying than what it used to be.

This is still wet from persimmon dye that I still haven't used from when my hanji teacher gave it to me last year. Woven bark from the good old paper mulberry tree in Korea (ALSO part of the piece I took apart--so now it's two new things, that work much better for me).

Just before I checked my laundry and had dinner, I tried to recreate this from Shawn's pop-up class but the wheels don't work right. I had too much at lunch when I met a Korean childhood friend from EONS ago (I feel like we hadn't met in over 20 years, which is close to how long it has been) who happens to be going to grad school at Cornell. I got to drive on roads like "Turkey Hill" and "Mount Pleasant."

This morning I finally bound up the last bits of a mail art piece I started six years ago. Of course, I didn't have the foresight (or faith in myself) to bring the best set here, so one of the editions is not complete, but all the pieces are ready.

This was from yesterday. Today I made it without either! But I am still on one antihistamine daily. I pulled out one of the bikes here and was happy to see it was more of a leisurely rider--the kind I can mount w/o hurting myself or ending up not touching the ground and the kind where I can sit upright instead of w/my body parallel to the ground. But it's too hilly here to have a good patch of flat ground where I can ride in circles. Which is what I love to do when I am on a residency and there is a bike.

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  1. i like the new piece. it's rich. and the basket. also rich.


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