Thursday, September 09, 2010

Grey start to the new year

I did the little knitted book a day or two ago, and the tiny basket with a lid last night, which destroyed my hands and fingers. Today I have been re-working an old knitted garment and that has been BRUTAL work. Knitting paper is no joke. Neither is trying to fix big mistakes that should just be redone. But I am too stubborn to start all over.

I just found out that the data that I thought was backed up is not ... so I had a moment of feeling hot and flushed from the anger starting again. But then Caron showed up tonight for her bookbinding lesson and that made it go away. I showed her what I did this summer and she was like, "you need to chillax!!" So that echoes Velma's advice, and I won't deal w/the knitted nightmare again today. I also got summoned for jury duty next month, which I think I may postpone yet again, b/c I would be incredibly ____ if I was unable to spend time w/Ben during his 2-week leave due to my civic duty.

It's getting COLD here! I am feeling under the weather and still eating too much. But it's a great place to be.

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Velma Bolyard said...

oh the book!!!!! and the tiny basket is wonderful, too. but that book!