Friday, September 10, 2010

A Forever Process

I got up today and made this delightful book. So satisfying. And then I made its duplicate for the poet and mailed the book to Hawaii. The computers at the post office were freaking out, too, so it's not just me. If anything, I'm learning that I get LOTS of work done in not a lot of time, so losing a week of work is losing a lot of work.

It rained and was grey this morning but then the sun finally came out in the afternoon and it was glorious. I ventured out onto the red trail and then turned back when I couldn't see anymore red spots on the trees. I need to get a nature walk from Joe but have been too wrapped up in my computer drama. Hopefully next week.


  1. so glad there are trails for you to enjoy. pretty chilly here this morning.

  2. and the book is wonderful!


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