Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back from the dark side

This weekend was rough, a whole series of things gone wrong, hard lessons to learn, computer drama on repeat, three days spent on a piece that ended up nearly destroyed...ah, the process. Yesterday was a disaster even though the weather was gorgeous. It got better at night when I ripped out a hanji piece on the meadow and cut it up and wove during "Crazy Heart" and also during a late-night talk w/Caron and Brooke. Today I decided to turn the tide and restored as much data and software as possible. It took forever but I took breaks to walk, shower, talk to Ben, go early for groceries, do laundry, do housekeeping for the communal good, and cook ribs in beer and homemade bbq sauce. It was a YUMMY dinner; I needed meat (we eat as vegetarians during the week). I'm still nowhere near caught up, but stocked up on vitamin C and looking forward to a little more peace of mind this week.

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  1. you do NOT look pleased. but you are very beautifully dressed!


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