Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I made the books for my Kickstarter backers and will send them off tomorrow. The Morgan donated the cover paper, which is a beautiful blue cloud abaca/cotton mix. Very satisfying.

Cameron came back today to start up his intern hours again after being away for a while. Total gem. But poor thing had to sand like crazy--the orbital sander we have is pretty much useless. So he did some incredible work, took a break for my long lunchtime tutorial (I had four interns today and taught three structures), worked in the garden, and then came back for more. We tried to troubleshoot for the router and he finally figured out someone no one else has been able to: how to change the bits with two wrenches. Too late for the drain hole, but at least now we know.

Stephanie took great pics today. This one cracks me up. He's probably wanting to kill me right about now. I'm hoping tomorrow we can finish up the sanding and get to the marine epoxy. Then we'll be that much closer to the end.

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