Monday, June 07, 2010


After Fiona came by to say goodbye and I ran a bunch of errands in the morning, I had a great afternoon at Inga's and Andy's house. Inga was my first cording student and diligent! I was impressed. We cut down hanji and corded in the garden until it got too cold to stay outside. She gave me a lift home and we passed the HUGE bonfire being prepared for July 12: tons of wooden palettes stacked high in a big ring whose insides are full of old sofas and furniture to burn. Unless you are a staunch loyalist (aka you really like Northern Ireland being part of the UK), you stay FAR away from the fires and parades and mayhem. Most people leave the city or country entirely or hide out at home. I am very glad that I won't be here then.

Inga asked if I had fun plans tonight. I was supposed to go to the art college openings but didn't want to. She said, just go! You never know who you will meet and what will happen. So I did, but on the walk there on Royal Ave (a big street in city centre), a scowling, angry, young woman (she must have been no older than 22 and looked like a student) came running at me as I was about to cross a street and kicked me in the knee. I was flabbergasted and an older woman who passed me as we crossed at the light said, "she's been kicking everyone she can."

That totally put me in a bad mood. So much for what I've been saying this entire time: the racism and unfriendliness to outsiders is one thing, and it feels bad, but as long as there are no threats to my body, I can handle it. A shame that it has to end this way. I will be one joyful passenger tomorrow on the flight back home.

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  1. oh my god aimee!! that's AWFUL. please come home.


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